Thursday, October 28, 2010

QuoTe oF THe DaY

"Love make the time pass. Time makes love pass."

     Heart is the container of our feeling.  It kept everything all inside and let us feel it. Sadness, happiness, anger and ashamed. We can feel all of it thanks to our heart. But, the heart also let us taste the feeling of Love. Love is universal. Love to our family, lover, nature or God. But eventhough human are meant to feel love, there is always a hole in our heart. The hole are just like the prick of needle, but it deeps to the deepest place in our heart. The hole cannot be full-fill with anything, thats why there are no human that are 100% been fill enough. 

    Just want to tell that please don't play with someone's heart. How bad they are, they didn't deserve such a breakdown. Remember, KARMA always happen....  

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