Friday, January 21, 2011

Doraemon Help Me!!!!

Mimir is very sad today. Mimir is gonna lose another friend. Mimir have a high ego. Mimir should be blame. But, like the words that Mimir always hear, "What is done cannot be undone". Right now, if everyone know, Mimir have really wish to find Doraemon. Mimir want to back at the past, whether changing the wrong that Mimir and his friend that done, or just simply turn the things upside down, turn the fact down, that Mimir and his friend never meet each other.

Maybe it is cruel to hear the word "I wish I never find you", but sometimes Mimir think that is the best for Mimir's friend. Mimir's friend is suffering now. Mimir's friend is ashamed (maybe) to have Mimir as friend. Or, maybe it is just Mimir that care about Mimir's friend but not vise versa? Mimir not angry at Mimir's friend, not even close to hate. Mimir love Mimir's friend. But, Mimir think this is the best. Mimir don't know how to think anymore. Mimir blank now, black out.

"DORAEMON!!! Please lend Mimir your Time Traveler Machine, please? Mimir need to fix something, Mimir done something bad. Mimir should not have meet Mimir's friend. Can you please help Mimir, Doraemon???"

But, no matter how loud or how many times Mimir ask, there's no Doraemon that can help. The only Doraemon that help Mimir is the Doraemon at the Dora Movies. It help Mimir to smile a little bit. Eventhough everything cannot be help, Mimir still want to say Thank You to Doraemon. Thank You for making Mimir smile.  

Magical Story of New Resolution


Maybe it is very, very late already to wish a Happy New Year. But, I guess I have to move on to Happy Chinese New Year... I can feel the excitement already... wahahaha

By the way, I have a story. Guess who the main character??? Yup, it is me... haha

Magical House in Magical Village
Once upon a time, there was a Magical Village called Tarian. It is a kingdom that is small-sized land made of cement in rectangular shape. Inside of it, there are 11 smaller houses. The most front house is occupied by several people that will change from time by time. Meanwhile, for the other houses, live averagely 3 humankind species of living things named Teslyan for each house.

To shorten the story, one day there are a wizard enter the Village. With a funny and calmly voice, the wizard claim, "Who is among of thee have the something new for the brand new year? Or do thee have nothing to prepared for?"

Suddenly, one big-sized Teslyan humankind taking a peek at his house's window. With a big husky but yet calming, the wizard say to the big-sized Teslyan. "Do thee have other than nothing to presented at the new year, mortal?"

Wizard asking the Teslyan Mimir
With a calm, but inside is afraid, he replied the wizard, "As the lowly regard mortal named Mimir, me have something to presenting to thee the highly power living. Me have a awkwardly thing to presented to you, the awkwardly name is 'resolutionn'."

"I have heard the word before, so it is that the mortal's resolutionn? Or just simply a thing that to wish to keep me away from talking?" The wizard demand for more information.

"It is me, the lowly Teslyan's resolutionn, in order to keep me from keep doing something that keeping doing these kind of thing to something that kept the tightly and secretly. Plus, me have 3 to discussed."

"What shall it be? Richness? Fairness? Or the foul of the fair that keep you to be the witch?"

"Firstly, me want to have a new type of live. Me want to be like me's bestfriend named Wiwin. Wiwin, is highly more notable than me, since eventhough me and Wiwin lived together for a hundreds breath of winds, but me is the lowly life that cannot even how matter or whatever matter, will reach or even stand in the same line is Wiwin. Me love Wiwin, but Wiwin is far to excellent and greater than me."

"Thee shall have the live is thee worked for it, far than good, what shall be the second?"

"The second shall be me and all the Teslyan. Me love all the Teslyan. Me do not want to lose them. Me also have another place. Its a far away to be called homeland, but very near to be called land of dream. Me love the villager too. So, me and to love them all and hope that them all love me too. But me not very sure, since me do not have the mind scanner. Me do not know if they hate me or not. But, for surely, me love them."

The One--Just decorative picture
"The wish shall be granted, if only and only if it is come from thee effort to love them fully. Shall the three be spare or just be revealed?

"Me revealed, me revealed that me want to be like someone the me know. Me know 2 people that are far more greater in outside but yet still good in inside. Me have these 2 be listed as me's Demi-Gods. Me was inspire by them, but me do not have the will to be like them. Me is such a lowly kind that will not match other. But now, me is working so hard. Me hate to be like this, me want to be like the Demi-Gods. Me will try, and try and try, even untill me are completely told by the One-That-Everyone-Knelled-For, that Me is not being able to be like the Demis. Me accept the sermon of The One. But untill then, me still want to try."

"How lovely all these resolution are. Shall it be grant no other than by the effort of the wisher. Thee shall never broke heart, since thee is young, and have a highly spirit. Thee's wish shall be granted by The One."

Satisfied with the answer, the wizard wandering again to ask someone about the same thing. The others also answering the wizard's questions very well. Since the answers are satisfying too, the wizard walk away from the Village, in promise to return back in Millions Breath of Winds.

That is the story for today entry. From now on, I will try to update more on my blog. Hope all of you will be happy always.