Friday, January 21, 2011

Doraemon Help Me!!!!

Mimir is very sad today. Mimir is gonna lose another friend. Mimir have a high ego. Mimir should be blame. But, like the words that Mimir always hear, "What is done cannot be undone". Right now, if everyone know, Mimir have really wish to find Doraemon. Mimir want to back at the past, whether changing the wrong that Mimir and his friend that done, or just simply turn the things upside down, turn the fact down, that Mimir and his friend never meet each other.

Maybe it is cruel to hear the word "I wish I never find you", but sometimes Mimir think that is the best for Mimir's friend. Mimir's friend is suffering now. Mimir's friend is ashamed (maybe) to have Mimir as friend. Or, maybe it is just Mimir that care about Mimir's friend but not vise versa? Mimir not angry at Mimir's friend, not even close to hate. Mimir love Mimir's friend. But, Mimir think this is the best. Mimir don't know how to think anymore. Mimir blank now, black out.

"DORAEMON!!! Please lend Mimir your Time Traveler Machine, please? Mimir need to fix something, Mimir done something bad. Mimir should not have meet Mimir's friend. Can you please help Mimir, Doraemon???"

But, no matter how loud or how many times Mimir ask, there's no Doraemon that can help. The only Doraemon that help Mimir is the Doraemon at the Dora Movies. It help Mimir to smile a little bit. Eventhough everything cannot be help, Mimir still want to say Thank You to Doraemon. Thank You for making Mimir smile.  


  1. same goes here,...
    oh! time.....please be my friend.
    how i wish i could started it again.
    *wat da fish. lalala~ just crap. ignore it! huhu..*
    well, wish u all the best dude. be cool as long u didn't get cold...wish u have a pleasant day.

  2. thank you 4 understanding me... :-)
    Hope you'll have a great day too...